About us

“Triglav model” is a trademark for models made in different scales and from different materials, which represent the products of the military and other industries in the former Yugoslavia. Triglav model began to emerge in 2013 as a “garage company” and in cooperation with the company “Balkan models” eventually developed into a world-famous company. The “Triglav model” trademark now operates under the auspices of the “Protomold” company from Črnomelj.

The company’s first product was a model of the M-60P armored personnel carrier, a product of the military industry of the former Yugoslavia from the early 1960s. The model was created from a prototype made in self-construction, and all subsequent models are already made by computer, with 3D technology. We use different materials for the models, and the basic parts of the models are basically made of resin resin with photo-etched additives.